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  The purpose of this web page is to reunite with old friends.  If you have come across this web site, you probably have some background commonality with me.  Your name might even be mentioned as someone I am unable to find.
Time Line   My name is Lonnie Lee Best.  I was born in Trinity, Texas in the United States of America in May of 1975. 
1975 - 1979 The first town I ever resided in was Groveton, Texas. 
1979 - 1981 I move to Corrigan, Texas around 1979.  I started kindergarten in Corrigan, Texas in 1980.
I moved to Huntsville, Texas where I finished kindergarten at Stewart Elementary School.  My kindergarten teacher was Jo Ann Holleman.
In 1981, I moved to Ellenwood Acres at 123 Patrick Road in Greenwood, South Carolina (29646).  My best friend lived across the street and his name was Scott Clifton.  While living there, I started 1st Grade at Mathews Elementary School located at 615 Chace Street in Greenwood, SC 29646.  I think my teacher's name was Mrs. Glen.
1982 - 1984 After 1st grade, I moved to another house in Greenwood (116 Frances St.), where I attended a different school; Woodfields Elementary.  My 2nd grade teacher was Mrs. Mildred Gallegly.  My best friend in her class was Dwight Polattie.  I stayed at that school until the end of my 3rd grade year.  My 3rd grade teacher was Ms. Molden.  In that school my best friends were:  Timmy Fallaw, Tony Fallaw, Dale Jennings.  I remember another friend I rode the school bus with was Daniel Wightman; I called him "Wolf" because of his hair at that time.  These were all close neighbors too.
1984 - 1986 I then move to 307 Rut Ledge Ave in Ninety Six, South Carolina (29666).  I attended 4th and 5th grade at Ninety Six Elementary School on 121 South Cambridge Street.  My favorite teacher was Deidre Molden (4th Grade).  Mrs. Elaine D. Grimes was my 5th grade homeroom teacher.  I also remember Miss Rosemary Benjamin (Reading), and Mrs. Joan Tidwell.  I favorably remember Mr. Bob Norris was a substitute teacher who would give strong moral speeches about God.  I remember receiving the hardest one pop paddling of my life from the art teacher, Mr. Ronald Sullivan.  On the other hand, I remember receiving a rather merciful 5 pop paddling from Principle Ray Frick for throwing a ball in Miss. Benjamin's class.  Click here to see some comments I made back then.

My best friend at this school was Jason Johnson who lived down the street from me.  Scott McCarty, Bo, Chad, Jason Crowder, Jason Gonce, and Mikey Turner were a few other kids that live near by and we would play together too.  I remember getting in a pretty tiring, physical fight with Jason Crowder one time over a football game.  At the end of the fight, Jason yielded a big stick,  and I had to run away on my bike.  I also remember him falling out of a tree one time and not being able to move.  I will never forget him calling his sister's name "Kelly!"  In the second half of my 5th grade school year (early 1986), I moved to another house, but continued school a Ninety Six Elementary.  The address of this house was formerly known as Route 3 Box 537 Coldwater Dr in Ninety Six, S.C.  29666.  However, this is no longer an acceptable address.

1986 - 1991 In the summer of 1986, I moved to 2204 Woodland Lakes in Willis Texas (77378). I attended middle school at CC Hardy Jr. High.  I think it was in the late 6th grade that I moved to an Apartment complex that is at approximately 100 S. Cochran St. in Willis.  I believe it was sometime in 7th grade that I moved to 54 Danville Road in Willis, Texas  77378.  Although I moved to three different locations in Willis, Texas, I went on to attend Willis High School my 9th and 10th grade school years.  

In 1990, I met a person that I would like to bring special attention to.  Thomas L. Chatman became a mentor of mine through the Montgomery County Chess Club.  What began as chess instruction evolved into discussions about religion, politics, philosophy, physics, history, and life.  The countless hours of argument I've had with Thomas Chatman honed my ability to think critically and objectively.  Thomas Chatman taught me at an early age to think for myself and not to believe the words, opinions, or  persuasions of others without question.

My best friends from school in Willis were:  Robert Allen Baker, Roderick Allen Southerland, Sean Wade Perdue, Mathew Gregory, Jason Pearon, and Joshua James Schmoll. 
If any of the names above are misspelled please email me.

1991 - 1993 I attended high school at New Waverly High School in New Waverly, Texas my 11th and 12th grade years.  I graduated in May of 1993.  My best friends from New Waverly were Mitch Martin, Bobby Kowis, Wilson Wade Vick, Jeff Mosely, Barry Pamplin, Shawn Gilstrap, Bobby Gardner, Thomas Ross, Jerry Willis, Edward Brent, Jim Woods, Nicholas Ulysses Papasideris, Wes McDonald, and Billy Hardy. . Please email me if I have any of these names misspelled.
1993 - 1995 Commuting from a house located between Willis and New Waverly I then attended college my first semester at Sam Houston State University in the Fall of 1993.  In the winter of 1994 I went to work as a welder's helper at a company called AES Environmental.  I worked there 3 months until I began attending an academy to become a correctional officer.  I completed the academy in early May of 1994 and on May 16th, 1994, I began working as a correctional officer at a maximum security death row prison in Riverside, Texas called Ellis 1.  
While working for the Texas Department of Corrections Criminal Justice division, I moved to Cleveland, Texas and continued to commute to work in Riverside.  While working full time, I continued to attend SHSU during the summer of 1994. 
On August 15, 1994, I quit working for TDCJ, and began living on the campus of Sam Houston State University.  The dormitory that I lived in was called The Departmental, and I lived in C-211.  I live in The Departmental, until early spring semester of 1995.  During this semester, I met two of my best friends from college:  Raith Franz and Eliseo Mata.
1995 - 1996 Then I moved to another dormitory called Kirkely (room 304).  It was this semester that I joined a social fraternity called Tau Kappa Epsilon.  My closest friends in the fraternity were James Dean Murr, Michael Shawn Hudgins, H Scott Apley, Luis Alberto Flores, Francisco Javier Gamez, and Andrew De Luna.  However, I feel camaraderie for every brother I met and continue to meet that has shared the experience of becoming a Teke. 

This was also around the time that I became a computer lab assistant at SHSU, where I met my good friend Markland H. Tuttle. Mark was an economics major at the time, and he got me interested in economics, which turned out to be one of my majors. Also, Mark was always willing to help me with academic projects. Mark was an upperclassman, and I learned a great deal of tact and finesse from him.
During the Summer of 1995, I lived in between Cleveland and Cut and Shoot, Texas.  I took summer classes at Montgomery Community College.
In the Fall of 1995, I moved to Wood Creek Apartments 1235 Josey St. #241 / Huntsville TX 77340.
In November of 1995, I moved back to Cleveland, Texas.
1996 - 1997 In the Spring of 1996, I moved to Sunset Apartments in Huntsville, Texas.  I lived with two of my closest friends in college.  My roommates were David Ray Mullinax, and James Dean Murr.
In the last Summer of 1997, I moved into the Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity House at 1221 14th Street / Huntsville, Texas 77030
In Spring 1997, I move to University Heights Apartments on Walnut Street (I think) in Huntsville, TX.
1997 - 1998 Later in the Spring of 1997, I moved back to Cleveland, Texas until I graduated from Sam Houston State University in August of 1998
1998 - 1999 On September 1, 1998 I moved to 2111 Holly Hall Apartment 415 in Houston, Texas  77054.  I moved here to my job at Best Delivery Systems.  On March 1st, 1999, I moved to 7229 Staffordshire Apartment #1 in Houston, Texas  77030.
1999 - 2000 In late 1999, I was promoted to Chief Financial Officer of Best Delivery Systems.

On 12/21/1999, I moved to one of the Walden Internet Villages called Galleria Oaks Apartments at 5151 Richmond Ave. Apt. 148 in Houston , Texas   77056 (see pics) .  My good friend Wilson Wade Vick had just moved to their Westchase location (2828 Rodgerdale, Houston, TX 77042), and we were both attracted by the fact that these apartments had a T3 connection to the internet.

It was at the Westchase location that I made three new friends that I also consider mentors: Joe Asher, and Trey Broussard.

It was Joe Asher that suggested that I learn ASP programming to tackle a project we discussed.  I have learned a great deal through my conversations with Joe.  He is a competent professional web programmer on the cutting edge of his field.  I have a great deal of respect for him.  When Joe Asher speaks, I listen.

Trey Broussard has constantly been there to help me put my theories into practice.  Trey's insight as a professional software developer has been invaluable.  It was Trey that got me interested in using databases.  I will always be grateful for the lessons he gave me on using database software.

I have a great deal of respect for, computer programmer, Bill Wilkinson. I consider him one of my mentors; he has answered so many of my questions. By doing so, he has empowered me with the ability to tell computers what to do.

On July 14th, 2000, I quit my job as CFO to start a part-time business while attending Law School at South Texas College of Law. After successfully completing my first semester of law school, I decided to drop out and pursue my business full time. Since then I've managed to pay cash for a modest home, and I now have my monthly expenses down to utilities and food exclusively. I've created a great deal of flexibility for myself, and I hope to later report that I've made the best of it.

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