Wilson Wade Vick

In addition to being a good friend, Wade Vick has been a mentor of mine since high school. The first thing he ever taught me was "how to copy floppy disks using DOS commands" in Mrs. Smith's computer class at New Waverly high school.

Wade helped everyone in New Waverly fix their computers, and most of the time he only got compensated with a thank you. With the exception of Mother Teresa, I can't think of anyone who was more generous with their time to help others than Wade Vick.

In college I was a computer lab assistant, but I didn't even own a computer. I helped students with software problems, but back then if the computer operating system was screwed up, I didn't know what to do. Finally, I purchase my own PC in December of 1996, and that is when Wade and I started spending a lot of time together.

I have to say that Wade taught me everything I know about installing an operating system from scratch, updating software, networking, and the ins an outs of hardware. I've asked him a thousand questions through the years, until I finally past him up in every category of computer skills (just kidding). Till this day, I'm still learning from Wade, and this page will remain as a proclamation of my sincerest appreciation to a person who gave me the foundation I build on today.

. . . Lonnie Lee Best