Summary of Post-Graduate Work Accomplishments


Since graduation, Iíve been working at Best Delivery Systems Inc.My primary job has been sales and marketing, but I was recently promoted to Chief Financial Officer.I have tackled several types of projects in the last year.


Economic Applications

I analyzed the corporation's pricing structure on a Cartesian plane.I found that the price/weight relationship was discontinuous.Essentially, the trucking company was unaware that, at certain weights, they were undercharging relative to the rest of the price structure.I developed several proposals to make it a continuous structure by the year 2000.  With the help of Dr. Edward F. Blackburne, I derived a pricing formula using nonlinear regression analysis.  This formula not only eliminates the peculiar discontinuous pricing, it also increases revenue because it is nonlinear; bowing outward, there is more area under the curve.


Human Resource Management Applications

Regarding human resources management, I developed a program to maintain higher worker morale.  I interviewed several employees with bad morale, and I recorded all the major factors that affected their morale.  I presented a report to the owners outlining how morale affects factors that ultimately affect profit.  I discussed the nature of morale; it is one's perception of their situation that determines their morale.  Lastly, I made several proposals showing how the corporation could positively affect the perceptions of its workers.  As a result, employee turn over has decreased dramatically.  For the first time in years, the company is fully staffed.  This was achieved without pay increases!!!


Marketing Applications

I developed a marketing mix.  I articulated the corporationís services, and communicated these services to the target market through several mediums. I continuously acquire more new accounts than any other salesperson, and the marketing materials that I created have increased the performance of every employee in the department.  I am currently working on a system that tracks each prospect from beginning (cold call) to end (loyal customer).

You can see the web page I made for the company at:


Computer Applications

I upgraded the companyís computer network.The company had dumb terminals that worked off of a server through serial ports.I installed 20 personal computers and networked them together with category 5 cable.The LAN now operates at 100 mb/sec.†† Now each employee has email and the Internet at their disposal.In addition, I created a corporate intranet site that departmentalizes the company.I used this intranet site to increase inter-office communication, reference policies and procedures, document corporate structure, and provide internet link resources for each department.


This barely scrapes the surface of the practical, real world experience that I have gotten in just a little more than a year.  I find my job challenging and rewarding, but I still have an innate desire to polish myself academically.  It would be hard to walk away from here, but I would also hate to not continue my education.I am going to attempt to do both.