Lonnie Best


Humble, Texas

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C #.NET Programming Language C# is an object oriented programming language that (when used with the .Net Framework) allows rapid application development. 08-2002
ASP.NET ASP.NET allows you to (more quickly) develop a web application with modularity and the speed of compiled code. 08-2002
Active Server Pages (ASP) The predecessor of ASP.NET - Ultimately, ASP was used to create dynamic web applications in a manner that conceals source code from the client. 03-2000
SQL SQL is the standard query language for viewing and modifying data in a database. 03-2000
CSS Javascript
These are the tools required to create client-side dynamic web user interfaces in a manner that allows you to modularly separate structure, design, layout, and activity. 02-1995
Microsoft Access Database This is the first database I learned. 03-2000
MySQL Database Server I'm currently migrating a stat database with 9.4 million records from MSSQL to MySQL. I already learned MySQL security / backup / restore / command line interface. 01-2006
Object Oriented Analysis and Design In addition to keeping my own personal journals, I've read many of the most authoritative books on OOA and OOD. This is my strongest skill. I've completely absorbed myself in developing this skill above all. 08-2002
SQL Database Server I use SQL server to design relational databases in a manner that promotes scalability, flexibility, and normalization while preventing redundancy. 02-2002