2014 Zurich Chess Challange Schedule

The official schedule is located here, but it only provides Zurich start times.
The table below additionaly detects your own local time, so that you may watch the games live online:

Watch The Match:
Dates Events Zurich Time Your Time
2014-01-30 Round 1 03.00.P.M. (Zurich Time)
2014-01-31 Round 2 03.00.P.M. (Zurich Time)
2014-02-01 Round 3 03.00.P.M. (Zurich Time)
2014-02-02 Round 4 03.00.P.M. (Zurich Time)
2014-02-03 Round 5 03.00.P.M. (Zurich Time)

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